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To download your copy of DOCRTF 2.2 click here. I have discontinued the development and support of this program. You can still download it and use it if you like. However, I will not support it anymore. You will need PKUNZIP 2.04g to uncompress it.


The most powerful program to access CompuServe Information Service with your palmtop. I'm using acCIS for a long time now and still enjoy it. :-)

The new version 4.0 now has the same look and feel as the internal applications. If you are working with CompuServe, this is a 'must have'!

For additional information please check Thomas Rundel's homepage.


You can call INT 15h, with AX=6000h. (AX=6001 will give the backup battery voltage) The return value in AX will be from 0 to 63, and can be converted to a voltage level using the formula: If the carry flag is set on return, there may have been 'noise' when reading the battery - the result may not be reliable, better call the routine again.

Type detection

To the best of my knowledge, the Omnibooks all return CH = 2 (Family) whereas the Palmtops all return CH = 1. On the Palmtops, DH is major code revision and DL is minor code revision. Hence DH=0 for 100LX and 2 for 200LX. (1 was assigned to a product that never quite made it anywhere.) DL (on the 100LX and 200LX) usually corresponds to the ROM revision # seen on the boot screen. My understanding is that DH and DL are used on the Omnibooks for major/minor code revisions (and probably would differentiate between the 300/425/430), but I don't know for sure.

Show Task Control Blocks

Try this only if you are comfortable with System Manager Task Control Blocks:

Pin layout of the serial port

1 2 3 4 5
o o o o o

o o o o o
6 7 8 9 10

Pinout description:
1 - DCD           6 - DSR
2 - RX data       7 - RTS
3 - TX data       8 - CTS
4 - DTR           9 - Ring Indicator
5 - Signal GND   10 - Shield

Software fuer den 100LX/200LX


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