CFX 1.10 is here (and CFX 2.0beta)

I have stoped developing CFX since I don't have a PalmOS device anymore!
This page will remain for downloading CFX in the future. (Software is provided as is without any waranties)

What is CFX
CFX is a program that allows you to transfer files directly from/to the CF card using only a serial cable and a terminal program like {COMMO}, Procom+ or Hyperterminal.You can choose baud-rates from 1'200bps up to 115'200bps. There are also two SIR-modes at 2'400bps and 57'600bps compatible with the HP95LX, HP100LX, HP200LX and HP1000LX pocket computers. Now, you can transfer files from every computer to your TRGpro's CF card and back with all standard terminal programs. CFX allows you to create, delete and change directories, to copy and delete a file, to list a directory content, to show the remaining space on the CF card and to transfer files from and to the CF card using the popular YMODEM protocol (XMODEM is supported too). Now you can backup your CFBackup-files to your PC without buying a CF card-reader. CFX in Action

How to use it
  • 1. Make sure you stop the Hotsync Application, if running.
  • 2. Connect your TRGpro to your computer using the Hotsync-Cradle or any other serial cable (Palm's Hotsync-Cable works fine too).
  • 3. Start a terminal app on your computer using the 57'600bps, No Parity, 8 databits and 1 stopbit.
  • 4. Start CFX on your TRGpro.
  • 5. You should see a CFX:> prompt on your screen now, if not, press the Return-Key and check the COM-Port.
  • 6. You can get a help-screen now by entering a '?' and pressing the Return-Key.
  • 7. Start transfering files!

  • Requirements
  • TRGpro (it doesn't work on any other Palm!)
  • less than 20k RAM
  • a CF card
  • a computer with a terminal program

  • Download
    You may download CFX.ZIP here.

    Version 2.0beta with VFS support: CFX20B.ZIP

  • v. 1.00 Initial release (02.02.2001)
  • v. 1.01 fixed auto off timer during XMODEM transfers, added 115'200 bps transfer (06.02.2001)
  • v. 1.02 changed icon, added SIR-modes, added YMODEM send, some minor fixes (10.02.2001)
  • v. 1.03 added YMODEM batch sending, fixed some smaller bugs (14.02.2001)
  • v. 1.04 now disables AutoCF (CFpro shouldn't crash anymore), RM now supports wildcards (18.02.2001)
  • v. 1.05 YMODEM receiving now works, speed up YMODEM sending (23.02.2001)
  • v. 1.06 several smaller bugs in RM and LS fixed (05.03.2001)
  • v. 1.07 changed date format in LS to European, fixed another bug in RM, smaller speed improvement (07.03.2001)
  • v. 1.08 Port settings are now stored in saved preferencies (08.03.2001)
  • v. 1.09 XMODEM now can send using CRC, XMODEM performance increased, YMODEM sends now with 1024 byte blocks (08.04.2001)
  • v. 1.10 fixed bug for default dir with OS 3.5.3 on Handera 330, Changed my home address. (24.08.2001)

  • Known issues
    YMODEM receiving does not work correctly at speeds above 38'400 bps. The problem is that those huge 1024 byte blocks are getting in too fast. 57'600 bps works most of the time (sometimes a block needs to be retransmitted).

    Future plans:
  • Add support for XMODEM-CRC receiving
  • Improve speed for YMODEM receiving
  • Wildcards for copy command
  • Move file command

  • Registration and License
    I'm not responsible for any damadge or data-loss on your computer. You use this program on your own risk!

    My eMail is